Get ready for GRAFIS Version 11

A new release of GRAFIS, Version 11, is coming this year! We expect the release of the English language Version 11 of GRAFIS this June, but while she was here earlier this year Viola Karaghiozis gave us a sneak peek .


Here are just a few of the new features to look forward to:

The first thing you notice is its fresh new look. GRAFIS Germany have replaced the text menus with clearly recognisable icons, and the program has a new consistent colour scheme that is easy on the eyes. You can choose to go back to the older text menus, but I think the new look is user-friendly, and a refreshing development.

A major new improvement is how you edit the measurement charts. You can now edit an entire size range at once. You can alter the measurement values directly, and see the grading increments that result from the measurements. Or you can choose to alter just the base size and the grading increments, and the other sizes in the range will be automatically determined.

There are a number of new interactive blocks and tools. An exciting new block is a Bodysuit construction that, like Bodice 10 or 50, is compatible with the existing Front and Back part tools. This means you can quickly and easily develop different swimwear and active-wear styles. The block is specifically developed for stretch fabrics and has toggles for adjusting for the amount of stretch in both directions. So you can develop a style for a fabric with 5% stretch, and with a couple of simple switches, you can alter all the pieces in the style to allow for a new fabric with 10% stretch (or 8%, or 20%)! There is also a stretch sleeve block to match.


That’s just a few of the new features available in GRAFIS Version 11. Visit the GRAFIS website to see some of the new look for yourself (currently only released in German). They have some videos showing some of the new features.
Stay tuned for more information about the coming release!