Western fashion and its influence

There was an interesting documentary on SBS last night. The fifth episode in a series called ‘Civilisation – Is the West History‘ on the cultural and political impact of western consumerist fashion on the rest of the world throughout the 20th century.

‘Originating in Britain but flourishing most spectacularly in America, the advent of mass consumption has changed the way the world worked. Led by the Japanese, one non-Western society after another has adopted the same model, embracing the Western way of manufacturing and consuming.’

It’s interesting how the way we dress and the freedom we have to wear what we want is integral to how we express our identity in society. And how desirable this freedom was to those who didn’t have it.
The power that fashion has in this context is in contrast to the popular notion that fashion is a superficial and frivolous industry.

The video is available On Demand at the SBS website. Check it out, we’d love to know what you think.