Grafis Pattern Making for Professionals

GRAFIS ®  is the most versatile and affordable CAD software for pattern making on the market today.

GRAFIS® enables creation and modification of pattern pieces, grading and output to printers and plotters as well as export of finished pattern in several data formats. Also included in GRAFIS® is a marker making software, allowing for placement of completed styles.

  •  First Pattern Cutting.

  •  Grading

  •  Grade Rule Grading and Data Import/Export

  •  Marker making/Layplanning.

The GRAFIS ®  CAD system offers the user an innovative software for clothing and technical textile construction. The particular strengths of GRAFIS ®   are especially pertinent to the areas of bespoke patterns and made-to-measure manufacture. Control of the styles via body measurements and parameters also enables the access of automated processes from outside.

Whether you plan to create your own line we train the apparel technicians and product developers of the future.

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