Fashion Apparel Ragtrader – Live.

Ragtrader 1Had a great day in Sydney  at Ragtrader – Live.  It was interesting to hear what well know brands had to say  about doing business in Australia today.    The highlights for me were as follows;

–  Receiving the stats from  Australia Post on what’s working,  and what isn’t in e-commerce.  Also the data on who is buying,  and how much they are spending per purchase.   – Older professional spending less time on line than other categories,  but spend more per purchase.  Good on you boomers..!!

– A good news story from the privately held company, Cue.    Their production is entirely Sydney based with 10 or more  factories delivering weekly; I wish we could hear a company in Melbourne say that!   And did  the speaker say 15 manual patternmakers under supervision of an “mature” pattern master.? More power to you Cue!  Interesting question from an audience member about training their next generation: It was left dangling in the air.. no answer was the answer.   Granted the speaker was from Retail,  but one would  think that tech skills matter to them.

– Catching up with Chris Buchanan, GM from Ellery; he was one  part of a panel of successful brands profiled for the event.
Good advice for start ups provided by each brand speaker.

Ragtrader 2

– the Fashion bloggers giving advice on the best times to post.  Margaret Zhang was the leader, and she looked fab in her cropped flared pant suit.

– The clued in  team from M-Port gave the lo-down on their innovative technology – the first fully automated body scanner.  The hook is signing up for a full body scan and receiving the measurements,  then matching them  with online brand size charts to facilitate  your shopping experience.   The growth area is in health applications.   What was missing for me,  was the mention of the men’s suiting brand (Institchu)? using M-Port for promotion last year.  It is interesting for us,  as you may know,  we are also in favour of digital body measurement capture.  Our tool of choice is the Grafis extension, Profile Fit Pattern; digital measurements from photo transferred directly to block pattern.

Thanks to Assia & Kerry and the team who helped out on the day.  Its was great to be in Sydney; and must get back soon…Tx