Why Barbie’s Wardrobe Crisis is Important to the Fashion Industry

Since last week’s shock reveal of Barbie’s new looks (three new realistic body types, 30 hair colors, 22 eye colors and seven skin tones) , the internet has been buzzing. Some are excited, whilst others think it’s too little too late. Either way, despite the exciting news, new Barbie comes with a set of problems that are new to Barbie, but all too familiar to women living in the real world.

Barbie no longer fits her wardrobe. With a total of four body types and two different foot sizes, Barbie is about to discover that her sartorial choices have become more limited than they used to be. Mattel has stated that some of the tops may fit more than one shape but some dolls may have issues when it comes to bottoms.

The Curvy Barbie in particular has a plump tummy and thicker thighs and calves.  We were prompted to see which Alvanon Standard body form is closest to her shape.   We identified her body to be most closely represented by the Hohenstein 42 Alvaform. The comparison is fun to see!

Curvy Barbie Compared with the Alvanon Hohenstein 42

Curvy Barbie Compared with the Alvanon Hohenstein 42

Polly Mosendz, ponders in her article for Newsweek whether doll clothing makers will reproduce each style in all four sizes or go for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. She believes it is likely that they will go for the latter, meaning Barbie will face the same issue the majority of women face in the real world.

This is why it is important for designers to consider body shape in their design process. Alvaforms come in a range of body shapes and sizes to ensure the perfect fit for each designer’s target customer.  Your clients may not be as readily available for fittings as Barbie is, but an Alvaform is will enable you to truly develop your own consistent fit and sizing.