An Update!

Mens ASTM 52Womens 18Hello again, to those whose orbit brings them into the Integral-t Universe.  The news from our partners at Alvanon, Grafis and Browzwear keeps us on our toes!

Alvanon has been gathering size and shape data since 2004 and now go all in, on new insights into the changing shape and size of US citizens.   Alvanon has recently established an exclusive and strategic partnership with BodiData Inc. This is a tech company specialising in generating big data on 3D body shapes and measurements. This will allow Alvanon and its customers to access huge amounts of data to better serve business and growth in uncertain times.   Read more about this, and other insights relevant to the AU market, in this Robin Report exclusive.


New Grafis FeaturesGrafis, our favourite CAD for Apparel Pattern Softwear, is releasing something even better than Grafis V.11.

Voila! Version 12. The Best Ever Grafis.  We’ve been eagerly awaiting the fully interactive bra block, and finally it’s here!  There is also the new corset block!

Shoe designers take note; Grafis has amazing tech science for you in Grafis CAD shoe constructions!  It operates with the same principles of interactive construction modules and variables, but for shoes.
Check out all the new features on the Grafis site.



BROWZWEAR steps up its presence on our site as visualisation in 3D continues to deliver us good results.  We use it to visually confirm a new style with client, before we print, cut or sew the new design; saving us valuable time and resources.

It’s awesome to represent and work with 3 tech companies of this calibre in Australia.  Contact us to discover how you can integrate the solutions they bring into your apparel product development process.


Finally kudos to AU companies like Fame & Partners and Citizen Wolf, for cutting a pathway into the Made to Measure zone.  I hear Amazon and Uniqlo have similar ambitions as do others, and many more to come!