Hello 2017

Hello friends… I’ve come to see 2017 as not having fully arrived until we’ve passed the Lunar New Year; or CNY , as known in industry.  The high pressure build up to ensure all orders are in, and  goods shipped out  before the annual factory closure for CNY celebrations.  In apparel product development and manufacturing,  we work hard for 11  months or more,  with a few weeks in Jan &  Feb  set aside for family; R&R; and a reprieve from work, work, working.

So during my down time, and at the turn of the year,  a few important stories from 2016 come to mind;

  • Virginia Posterels article and ( ABC radio podcast) in AEON e-magazine “Losing the Thread”.  How Textiles Repeatedly Revolutionized Human Technology.
  • Tim Gunn “Project Runway” mentor who eloquently destroyed the Fashion Industry for its lack of Size Diversity.
  •  Kim Kardashian in Paris, at a designers atelier, being fitted for a muslin toile while expecting her 2nd child.
  • Janice Wang, CEO of Alvanon commenting on the challenge facing manufactures in the era of customization.

I’ll post the link to these stories  on our Architects in Apparel Facebook page.

Keep an ear out,  for  news of  Integral-t present and future doings.  Have a happy and successful year!