Why Barbie’s Wardrobe Crisis is Important to the Fashion Industry

Why Barbie’s Wardrobe Crisis is Important to the Fashion Industry

Since last week’s shock reveal of Barbie’s new looks (three new realistic body types, 30 hair colors, 22 eye colors and seven skin tones) , the internet has been buzzing. Some are excited, whilst others think it’s too little too late.…

Oscar Calvo featured in Inside Headquarters Magazine

Melbourne designer Oscar Calvo, winner of the Design Award at Emirates Melbourne Cup Day, featured his winning creation in Inside Headquarters magazine with an Alvanon body form. Take a look at the article, we think it looks great!

Alvanon Demo Form Sale Details

SALE! As promised, here are the details of our Alvanon demo form sale: Download a full price list. Men’s, Women’s and Children’s forms in various sizes. Call us for specifications of the forms on offer and to secure your form…

Alvanon President Ed Gribbin featured on the Today Show

Alvanon President Ed Gribbin was featured on the Today Show Australia in a story on size and fit in the apparel industry. View the full story “Finding the right fit” on the Today Show website.

Deep in Grafis V11… and loving it!

Its been a little while now since we upgraded to Grafis Version 11 and we’ve had some time to appreciate the new features and beautiful new look! What we’ve found is: we love it! The measurement tools have all been…