Architects In Apparel

Presented by Integral-T, Architects In Apparel is a pattern bureau service – offering more.


Our pattern bureau is founded on world’s best practice Size and Fit technology.
We use recent local and international sizing data to create high quality blocks,
master patterns and style developments tailored to fit your target market well.
We call this Pattern Engineering, and we bring you our expertise.

We use state of the art tools (Grafis New Generation CAD Software, the best of European Technology, and Alvanon fit mannequins) to develop your signature fit. From this we engineer blocks, patterns, and grading for your all your concepts and target markets.We can also transfer files between your CAD system and ours without difficulty.
We can develop the style from your tear out or digital sketch, or we can scan or digitise your cardboard block.
We then style, grade, sample, make to measure, and lay markers for your small and medium-sized production runs.

We can manage or be a part of your local product development process; from concept, through design & prototype approval, fitting, grading (either standard or non-linear), lay marking, sourcing factories and issuing to local production.

Our Services

  • Block Development
  • Patternmaking
  • Grading
  • Size Range Development
  • Fitting
  • Sampling
  • Marker Making and Usage Estimates
  • Production Management
  • And more…


Call us and see what our pattern services can offer you.